SBB Infrastructure.

SBB keeps Switzerland moving – just under 33,000 employees make sure that passengers and goods reach their destinations safely, comfortably and on time and they do this every day around the clock.

Every year 460 million passengers travel with SBB. With a length of 3,089 kilometres, SBB’s rail network makes up a large proportion of Switzerland’s complete rail network, which is 5,124 kilometres long.

As the biggest of the 249 public transport companies, SBB has a particular responsibility and has been developing public transport tariffs and offers continuously over the decades. Customers can enjoy clean, safe and punctual trains travelling between 793 stations and halts at hourly or half-hourly intervals.

SBB fosters the success of its partners in passenger travel and goods transportation through the professional management, maintenance and development of rail and property infrastructure – and safety is always at the root of this success Two thirds of all transit goods are transported by train through the Swiss Alps, which makes SBB Switzerland’s biggest travel and transport company.

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As a customer, you can choose to integrate tried-and-tested RCS system components into your own system and access a network of industry and software specialists who work well together.

SBB has developed the mobility concept of the future for traffic.

RCS is the answer to many of today’s needs arising from the dense rail traffic. Thanks to its modularity and scalability, the RCS system family offers a great deal of flexibility and will be able to adapt to changing requirements in the future.

RCS is a standardised and integrated control system for rail traffic. Instead of being a single piece of software, it is a group of applications which perform functions such as managing routes, showing the operating situation and rail control, and managing topology data. Due to the open system architecture, RCS can be scaled up by adding specific modules.

SBB and other infrastructure operators have been using RCS since 2009 as a standardised and integrated control system for rail traffic – and this on the most heavily used rail network in Europe.

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