RCS-ALEA – the reliable assistant in the event of an incident

RCS-ALEA (alarm and incident assistant) serves as a communication tool in the event of technical disruptions or unexpected railway operation incidents. ALEA transmits decisions quickly, individually and in a targeted manner.

In the event of disruptions, the amount of information to be processed is very large, and it is difficult to address the often highly complex content appropriately between railway production and passenger services.

The RCS module ALEA offers an optimal communication platform in the event of disruption, enabling standardised event management and simplifying communication. The automated disruption management function is perfectly coordinated with RCS-Dispo and significantly improves communication in the event of an incident. ALEA channels case-specific information and distributes enormous amounts of data extremely rapidly. The module does this by utilising sophisticated filtering and distribution functions. In addition, operating concepts and passenger guidance can be modified by rail dispatchers in the train-control centres to take account of the actual disruption that is occurring in a way that is visible to everyone.

ALEA provides support to employees should they need to alert the emergency services, thus reducing the number of steps involved in this process. In the event of train cancellations, re-routing, changing formation, unscheduled non-stopping passes or unscheduled stops, etc., ALEA is used as a comprehensive communication platform.

RCS-ALEA is the time-saving and transparent central tool for all those involved during all disruptions to rail operations.


  • coordinates the flow of information in the event of an incident 
  • reduces secondary delay minutes 
  • covers the entire event space visually 
  • minimises the chaos phase in the event of unexpected incidents

Figures and facts

  • processes approximately 14,000 cases (incidents) per month  
  • sends about 44,000 notifications per month  
  • sends about 450,000 SMS messages regarding incidents  
  • RCS-ALEA processes around 15,000 follow-up queries a month