RCS-Dispo: the heart of network operation

RCS-Dispo is the basic module of the RCS system family and the most important tool used by dispatchers and rail traffic controllers in the train-control centres.

RCS-Dispo brings together information relevant to railway services from various systems across the entire network on a standardised user interface and shows the current and target conditions on the network. This allows all the units and employees involved in rail service procedures to receive a standardised process image (real-time timetable display), which enables an extraordinarily precise and prompt forecast about the progress of each individual train.

Moreover, the business telephones of rail service employees are linked in RCS-Dispo, thus shortening and simplifying the lines of communication.

Conclusion: The RCS-Dispo platform ensures that operations are as safe as possible and minimises operational risks. It reduces the workload of staff on site
through automation, thereby reducing operating expenses. It makes it possible to set up services which are available in specific circumstances and in near-real time.


  • simplifies the control of rail traffic
  • calculates precise and prompt forecasts about the progress of all trains
  • offers a standardised user interface for the entire flow of information
  • ensures a higher utilisation rate of the network

Figures and facts

Around 10,000 trains run on SBB’s 3,000-kilometre track network every day. This is equivalent to 101.5 trains per main track. They bring more than one million people and 200,000 tonnes of freight to their destination. RCS-Dispo makes this highly complex task easier and thus ensures that operations are as safe as possible.


SBB is an international leader (UIC standard) in terms of punctuality: It is the most punctual railway company in Europe. RCS plays an important role in this.